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France has developed biodegradable plastics made from lactic acid. A French Research Institute has tried to synthesize biodegradable plastics from lactic acid. Bernard Ollivier, director of the Environmental Microbiology Research Office of the "Development Research Institute" in Marseille, France, explained: "the first step of the process developed by Yannick Combet Blanc is to convert disaccharide or glucose and fructose in sugar beet into lactic acid through bacterial fermentation." The research team led by Bernard Olivier extracted two strains with good characteristics. One is the patented Bacillus thermoamlovorans, which has deeply promoted the supply side structural reform and the new development situation of Shandong raw material industry. It can produce a large amount of lactic acid in the thermal environment (55 ℃), which is of particular interest to industrial manufacturers The second strain is currently under patent protection

Michel vert, director researcher of the University of Montpellier in charge of the final process stage of the research program, said: "after sugar is changed into lactic acid, in the plastics used in modern automotive materials, lactic acid molecules are polymerized into lactic acid polybasic acid (that is, connected by long chains) through chemical means to form plastic raw materials. This kind of plastic can be biodegradable in the natural environment and can be biologically absorbed." At present, this kind of production tool is mainly used in the fields of automobile, aircraft and wind power generation blades. At present, it is applying for patent protection. Bernardolivier emphasized that "the advantage of this approach is that plastic can be produced by using the waste liquid from the industrial sugar production process, which is the waste liquid of sugar deficiency."

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