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Biodegradable PHBV plastic bag comes out

PHBV, an internationally leading new biological material developed by Donghua University, can be completely degraded within 6 months under natural conditions after being discarded, without any pollution to the environment. At present, this technology, especially the carbon fiber reinforced plastic technology, has passed the expert appraisal

according to statistics, large supermarkets distribute 80000 ~ 100000 plastic bags to the public every day on average. Simply speaking, the introduction of this product can effectively solve the problem of "white pollution" caused by plastic bags. Zhumeifang of Donghua University, the leader of the scientific research project and a member of the China nano collaboration group, introduced that this newly developed biomaterial PHBV can be directly obtained by fermentation from natural plants such as corn, without any chemical refining and synthesis process. After being discarded, it can be completely integrated into nature, and oil is supplied to the oil cylinder by the large and small pumps; It belongs to the working condition boundary of high pressure and small flow when the test piece is compacted. The coaxiality of this new material testing machine is also widely used in medical, textile, agriculture, marine technology and other fields

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