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The application of degradable plastics in pharmaceutical packaging has become a breakthrough opportunity in the industry. It complies with the relatively large pulling force. Degradable plastics have a broad market prospect and are increasingly widely used in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Degradable plastics are human and environment-friendly goods made from plant straw, which are different from the three synthetic plastics, environmentally friendly goods, and different from the three synthetic plastics. They are discarded under the action of the biological environment, It can be decomposed by itself. After that, it can be decomposed by itself under the action of the biological environment. It is harmless to people and the environment with the lessons learned from frustration. It belongs to green packaging

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nowadays, with the continuous development of science and technology, degradable plastics have developed a variety of products, while the society's understanding of degradable materials is deepening, the demand is increasing, and the market acceptance is continuously improving. Relevant people predict that its application in the pharmaceutical industry will also be increasingly extensive

the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene, which is closely related to people's daily life. It is the most common and widely used consumer goods because of its low price, convenience and practicality. It is undeniable that plastic bags have indeed brought convenience to people's lives, but this temporary convenience has brought long-term harm. Traditional plastics have stable structure, are not easy to be degraded by natural microorganisms, and do not separate in the natural environment for a long time. This means that if the waste plastic waste is not recycled, it will become a pollutant in the environment for a long time and continue to accumulate, which will cause great harm to the environment

degradable plastics are human friendly and environment-friendly articles made from plant straw. Different from the three synthetic plastics, environment-friendly articles, and the three synthetic plastics, they can be decomposed by themselves under the action of biological environment. Later, they can be decomposed by themselves under the action of biological environment. They are not harmful to people or the environment. They belong to green packaging

the test shows that most degradable plastics begin to thin, lose weight, reduce strength and gradually crack into fragments after being exposed to the general environment for 3 months. If these fragments are buried in garbage or soil, the degradation effect is not obvious

with the improvement and implementation of the national plastic limit policy, the development prospect of degradable materials is getting better and better, the market acceptance of degradable and environmentally friendly new materials is continuously improving, the national policies and supporting measures for sunrise industry will be more and more perfect, and the ongoing Shuangbai project (establishing 100 new material bases, selecting 10 and adding 0 hrb600 brand enterprises) will better play a leading and exemplary role, Continuously promote the technological progress of the industry and realize the requirements of circular economy

all kinds of enterprises in the degradable plastics industry should seize the opportunity, especially in the pharmaceutical field, to meet the requirements of industrialization, so that degradable plastics can be fully applied to pharmaceutical packaging. Experts in Solvay materials and market will discuss the latest R & D trends of the automobile and transmission industry with industry professionals from all greater China. 1 this is a great breakthrough in the pharmaceutical packaging field

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