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Bioengineering to treat papermaking wastewater saves money

Henan Academy of Sciences has made a major breakthrough in using bioengineering to treat papermaking wastewater black liquor by using advanced papermaking wastewater treatment methods at home and abroad for reference

the commonly used alkali recovery method has large investment, poor effect and high operation cost, which restricts the development of China's paper industry. According to relevant materials, among the more than 600 large-scale paper mills in operation in Henan Province, only a few have better pollution control projects

in view of such a situation, I may be able to think about the difficult problem faced by China's paper industry. Since 1997, the Geography Department of Henan Academy of Sciences has been in charge of The construction of a provincial flexible electronic coherent innovation platform and the cooperation with Xuchang paper mill to utilize bioengineering to treat papermaking black liquor have made a major breakthrough in this subject. Recently, more than 30 experts, scholars and relevant personnel from more than 20 units across the country, including the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the China Paper Association, appraised this achievement. The appraisal results show that this achievement has made a major breakthrough in microbial acidification technology and methane bacteria culture and application

the observation of scientific researchers shows that the black liquor of sewage with high alkali content (pH value is about 12) discharged from the production workshop of Xuchang paper mill passes through the one-day circulation of a special microorganism called acidogenic bacteria. Without any chemicals, the acidity and alkalinity of the black liquor decreases to neutral (pH value is below 8). After the sewage treated by acidogenic bacteria enters the next process, researchers add methanogenic bacteria to it to produce methane gas

this achievement not only sets a precedent for the treatment of papermaking wastewater by bioengineering, but also has certain economic benefits compared with the conventional alkali recovery method. According to the engineering calculation of Xuchang paper mill by scientific and technological personnel, this paper mill with an annual pulp production capacity of 17000 tons has invested 43.5 million yuan in this pollution control method, which is about 9% of the investment in the alkali recovery pollution control project, so that the sewage can reach the level III discharge standard

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