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Biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging materials help the cosmetics industry achieve green transformation

[China Packaging News] (author: sunyinqiao) Marykay, founded in 1963, has an annual sales volume of more than 3.5 billion US dollars, and its business covers more than 35 countries and regions around the world. In 1995, Marykay came to China and upgraded the Asia Pacific production center in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province in 2006. The center is the only overseas production center except for the United States

in 2007, the headquarters of Marykay in Dallas, the United States, used environmental friendly biodegradable biomaterials as filling materials. Meanwhile, Marykay China also began to plan to purchase the same materials. Maiyufu, President of Marykay Greater China, said that due to the high cost of environmentally friendly biodegradable biomaterials, which are generally only used to protect precision instruments and antiques, there are few domestic suppliers who can provide environmentally friendly cosmetic filling materials. How to achieve green purchase in the Chinese market environment has become a challenge for them

apply the operation mode of green procurement more widely in the supply chain field, continue to improve the level of green procurement and supply chain management, effectively improve the sustainable development ability of enterprises, and promote the development of extruder industry with stakeholders. There is still a large market space for common development, which has become the starting point of Marykay's innovation

the first application of degradable packaging in the cosmetics industry

in order to improve green procurement, after six months of searching, contacting and visiting more than 20 suppliers, we finally reached a cooperation intention with the only domestic gorgeous environmental protection technology that produces biodegradable materials. Maiyufu said

previously, the foaming buffer particles of Huali technology were only sold abroad, and no order box fillers fully applicable to cosmetics had been produced in China. After nearly a year of exploration, Marykay China procurement department, logistics department and Huali environmental protection technology worked out an overall transformation plan for the production equipment of fillers, and specially developed a foaming machine for production, The machine enables the material master batch to be produced in a shape suitable for Marykay's order box, and makes the cost per cubic meter equal to that of traditional plastics

the cooperation between Marykay and Huali is the first application of foaming buffer particles in China's cosmetics field, even in the fast-moving products industry, which can be called a new breakthrough in biodegradable materials

maiyufu said: during the use, we found that compared with the previously used waste newspapers and other materials, such fillers effectively reduced the product damage rate by more than 50% compared with polystyrene foam and paper fillers, equivalent to the retail value of the product of 1.5 million yuan/year. At the same time, due to the reduction of product damage rate, customers' product returns and complaints are also reduced, thus improving customer satisfaction. According to statistics, in 2013, Marykay's customer satisfaction increased from 97% to 99%

helping the green transformation of the cosmetics industry

traditional fillers, such as polystyrene foam products, are extracted from petroleum with plastics as raw materials. As one of the seven research institutions that make up the catapult network, the biodegradable material selected by "Mei Lin" is made from the waste generated in the processing of corn starch, and there is no discharge of three wastes in the processing and production process. The material can be completely biodegradable after use, and the degraded composted soil is also conducive to planting crops. Since september2010, biodegradable materials have been used. In the past four years, Marykay has applied about 18560 tons of this material, reducing carbon emissions by nearly 74240 tons compared with previous materials

maiyufu said: the biodegradable materials developed in this project not only help the green and sustainable development of their own enterprises, but also open up a new market blue ocean for the partner Huali environmental protection technology. 3. The horizontal tensile testing machine can complete the mechanical property tests of various materials under the conditions of tension, contraction, zigzag and shear with different fixtures. More orders from other industries and enterprises have been obtained. The wide application of this material in the cosmetics industry will also help the green transformation of the cosmetics industry and plastic processing industry

as a new product model, in addition to excellent environmental protection performance, the cost of biodegradable material foaming equipment is only 10% of that of polystyrene chemical foaming equipment. It covers a small area and is suitable for in plant processing, which can greatly reduce the logistics cost. Industry insiders believe that with the rapid development of gear oil in the purchasing and express industry, this material may be used in more industries

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