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Binyang County strengthened the rectification of 13 paper-making enterprises. On September 17, Binyang County held a meeting on the rectification of paper-making enterprises to deploy the next rectification of paper-making enterprises that started earlier. Qincunmin, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and executive deputy county head, and the design of the host of the experimental machine of the County Environmental Protection Bureau, the economic and Information Bureau, the development and Reform Bureau, the land and Resources Bureau and other branch leaders have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, easy operation, stable and solid performance. The principals of 13 enterprises including Binyang Zhongyuan Paper Co., Ltd. attended the meeting

at the meeting, the County Environmental Protection Bureau explained the rectification plan of paper enterprises, and all participating units expressed their opinions on the plan in turn. In June this year, some paper-making enterprises in Binyang County were listed and supervised by the Ministry of environmental protection, requiring rectification. According to relevant requirements, Binyang County has issued a comprehensive renovation plan for paper enterprises. Some time ago, the economic and Information Bureau of Binyang County took the lead in verifying the production capacity of 43 paper-making enterprises in the county, and required further rectification of 13 enterprises that met the requirements of the national industrial policy. The principals of Zhongyuan, Jiangnan, Tenglong and other Paper Co., Ltd. in Binyang County put forward opinions and suggestions on the rectification requirements

as required by Qin cunmin, paper-making enterprises must carry out rectification according to the standards of up to standard discharge, first-class equipment and beautiful and clean plant appearance. According to relevant regulations, the layout of the plant area should be scientific and reasonable. In particular, the area of the plant area must meet the relevant standards, comprehensively renovate and improve the paper-making enterprises, eliminate backward processes and equipment, and create a good development environment and a broader market prospect for the living environment with blue sky, green mountains and clear water for the county to create a carbon enhanced tortuous modulus of 40 (5) 4GPa

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