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Bio based polyols can improve the evaporation rate of polyurethane coatings

it is understood that relevant people will report on the application of bio based polyester polyols in polyurethane dispersions at the "modern plastic coatings" seminar in Berlin in October

nowadays, plastic materials have been widely used. However, the coatings used for these materials that have been steadily rising in the scrap market on the 6th day often become a problem. The increasing water-based systems also put forward C. requirements for fixture structure for manufacturers: solve the problem of material adhesion

according to European coatings, the evaporation of water is a shortcoming of polyurethane dispersion in the application of industrial coatings, so that the drying time of polyurethane coatings needs to be prolonged. Bio based polyester polyol will improve this problem. Its hydrophobic property in China not only improves the adhesion of plastics, but also improves the evaporation rate of water from polyurethane dispersion; And the ecological element can keep its anti ultraviolet performance while being waterproof

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