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Fully biodegradable plastics made in Gansu: they can be used for commodity packaging, etc.

in people's common sense, plastics are generally refined from oil. However, for the first time, researchers in Lanzhou have compounded starch, palygorskite clay (attapulgite), chitosan, flame retardant, etc. to prepare a plastic film that can completely enter the raw coarse powder market with low material degradation and improve the raw and auxiliary material supporting system

it was learned yesterday that the research on the preparation technology of potato starch fully degradable plastics completed by the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Northwest Normal University, the Key Laboratory of polymer materials in Gansu Province and the Key Laboratory of polymer materials related to the ecological environment of the Ministry of education has passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements in Gansu Province

according to experts, this fully biodegradable plastic film, except for a small amount of processing aids such as plasticizers and flame retardants, is a natural material without petroleum based raw materials, which is very innovative. The project has expanded the application fields of starch, palygorskite clay, chitosan and other raw materials. The content of this research is of great practicality and progressiveness. The mechanical properties of the composite film developed by the project are in accordance with the national standard 1040 According to the test, the tensile strength is 6.47mpa, the elongation at break is 240%, the annual average price is basically the same as that of the previous year, the degradation performance is excellent, and the degradation is complete in about 150 days in the natural environment. The material can be used in commodity packaging, military industry, plant grafting, disposable household goods and other fields

the implementation of this project can change the current situation of incomplete degradation of plastics and petroleum based plastics contained in the Chinese market, which has been positioned as one of the key markets for its future development, achieve the goal of complete degradation of degradable plastic films, and help solve problems such as energy security and environmental pollution. The project has a wide range of raw materials, simple production process, remarkable economic and social benefits, and has a broad market prospect

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