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Binhai Jinxiang, one of the holding companies of Jiangsu Feixiang chemical group, mainly deals in inorganic materials, monomers and water-soluble polymers, fine organic chemicals and polymer engineering plastics. Donghao, sales representative of Binhai Jinxiang chemical additives Co., Ltd., has been interviewed at Chinaplas 2013 International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition. According to Donghao, Binhai Jinxiang mainly produces a series of plastic additives, including hindered amine light stabilizer, antioxidant, photoinitiator, UV absorber and plasticizer, and yipuwan has one product that can help mix glass, nylon and polymerization inhibitor. Our testing machine has been improving and supporting raw materials. The products on display this time are mainly fine chemical products. Additives have an extremely important impact on the plastic molding process and the performance of downstream products. Therefore, the polymer additives industry has broad prospects for development. Talking about the current market situation of the company, Donghao said that Binhai Jinxiang can now contribute billion yuan of sales revenue to the group company

talking about the advantages of the company's products, Donghao said: the company has a complete industrial chain and has long-term accumulated technical advantages. In addition, the company has always paid attention to the investment in long-term sustainable scientific and technological research and development, has established a number of scientific and technological innovation platforms, and has established strategic partnerships with well-known domestic universities and R & D institutions, which are the core competitive advantages of the company's products

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