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The concept of bionic antifouling paint developed by Qingdao Research Institute of marine chemical industry was put forward at the end of last century. The basic idea is to simulate the surface structure of large marine organisms to achieve antifouling. For example, in nature, dolphins' epidermis can secrete special mucus, and sea crabs can secrete an enzyme, which makes it difficult for marine organisms to attach. " Dr. GUI Taijiang, chief engineer of the Research Institute of marine chemical industry and deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of marine coatings, told me. "The greatest significance of bionic antifouling coatings is environmental protection and drag reduction." "The attachment of marine organisms brings great harm to ships and marine facilities. On the one hand, it increases the hull weight and hull friction resistance, thereby increasing fuel consumption; on the other hand, it will accelerate hull corrosion and shorten the service life of ships." Dr. GUI Taijiang told us that when the fouling rate of marine organisms of ships or marine equipment is 5%, the resistance is equivalent to twice the surface of the enhancement of the ability to deal with trade protectionism, and the fuel consumption increases by 10%. At present, the solution to this problem is to spray antifouling coatings on ships and marine equipment. The traditional antifouling coatings achieve the purpose of antifouling by poisoning attached organisms, which will cause certain pollution to the sea

how can we solve the problem of marine organism attachment without bringing pollution to the sea? Dr. GUI Taijiang said that their research found that many large organisms in the sea use very "friendly" methods to prevent fouling. Therefore, the Research Institute of marine chemical industry began to research a bionic antifouling coating based on this principle. At present, the research on the new bionic antifouling technology applied by the research institute has been included in the "973" plan project. Researchers have systematically studied the biofilm formed on the surface of the marine antifouling coating, established the biofouling mechanism of horizontal tensile testing machine, and explored new bionic antifouling technology, It lays a foundation for the development of non-toxic and environmental friendly bionic antifouling coatings

bionic antifouling coatings are fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly.

"the concept of bionics is that the surface structure is like a organism, and active substances are extracted to prevent biological attachment. At present, some bionic concepts have entered the application stage." GUI Taijiang told me. "For example, the" stain release antifouling paint "produced by bionic technology releases small molecular silicone oil to imitate the mucus released by natural organisms after the ship starts, so as to achieve the purpose that organisms cannot attach." The patented "Wuxi self polishing antifouling coating" independently developed by the Research Institute of marine chemical industry has also been incorporated into the bionic concept, and the non-toxic bactericide is uniformly released during the hydrolysis process, so as to achieve the same purpose. "Before the successful research and development of" Wuxi self polishing antifouling coating ", China relied on foreign imports. Now this product has filled the domestic gap and has entered the market. It is expected to end the dependence on imports." "A ship consumes a lot of oil and emits a lot of carbon dioxide in a year. Many classification societies have begun to formulate relevant laws and regulations to reduce the energy consumption index, and coating is a relatively easy way to achieve. Among them, self polishing antifouling coating has been tested on 20~30 ships. The weak links in the production of products should also be revealed through climate environment experiment, mechanical environment experiment and human normal application experiment according to the specific state." GUI Taijiang said, "the experiment shows that a 300 ton fishing boat uses a self polishing antifouling coating containing only the bionic concept, which saves 200 kg of fuel a day, and the economic value is very obvious." Guitaijiang said that the Research Institute of marine chemical industry has cooperated with Beihai shipyard to establish offices in Dalian, Wuhan, Shanghai and Guangzhou for sales, technical services and coordination, and the annual sales of pollution prevention can reach 4million to 5million yuan

industrialization of bionic concept assisted by industry, University and Research Institute

"this coating was applied to the earliest" Qingdao "sailboat, so now it is also applied to luxury yachts." Guitaijiang said with a smile, "bionic paint has a wide range of applications. With the rapid development of mariculture, the boxes are becoming larger and larger. Unlike the previous small boxes, which are easy to clean up, now the creatures on the boxes are easy to block up, and the fish are easy to lack nutrients. However, applying bionic antifouling paint on the boxes has a very good effect. The validity period of use in the north can reach one year. At present, it has been approved in Qingdao." "Because antifouling coating is a special functional coating, the test cycle is very long, and there are problems in market promotion, so it still faces many challenges." GUI Taijiang told me, "Although foreign countries have made molds that imitate shark skin, they are not practical. At present, the two most important breakthrough difficulties are how to transform the biological skin structure into coating technology, and how to improve the economy and large-scale production capacity of natural products. The next biggest goal is to make the antifouling coating more environmentally friendly, with a longer period, and to better realize graphene. The most exciting feature of graphene is extremely thin - only 1 Graphene with an atomic thickness is one millionth of the diameter of human hair. At the same time, it integrates the advantages of different disciplines and realizes industrialization as soon as possible in combination with bioengineering. "

in order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, Qingdao University of science and technology and the State Key Laboratory of marine coatings (relying on the Research Institute of marine chemical industry) recently carried out joint training of graduate students, and both sides signed a joint training agreement for graduate students. In the agreement, marine antifouling technology, heavy-duty anti-corrosion technology and functional coating technology are identified as several key research directions in the future. With the support of talents, the bionic concept may soon be applied to all walks of life

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