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Lanzhi Nanxiong exclusive store appeared in full dress on June 10, 2019

Lanzhi Nanxiong exclusive store appeared in full dress on June 10, 2019! Lanzhi soft clothes sincerely invites you to witness the beauty of brand curtain soft clothes

Nanxiong City is located in the northeast of Guangdong Province, at the south foot of Dayu ridge, adjacent to Jiangxi, with a total area of 2326.18 square kilometers. It governs 18 towns (streets), 232 Village (neighborhood) committees, and a registered residence population of 480000

Nanxiong is an important birthplace of Guangfu people, a "Central Soviet District County", "national experimental area for sustainable development", China's "hometown of yellow smoke", "hometown of Ginkgo", "hometown of dinosaurs", "hometown of characteristic bamboo", "cultural capital of surnames", a national greening model unit, and Guangdong Province's "civilized city", "health city", "model county (city) of double support", "famous historical and cultural city" and "forestry ecological county"

in order to make this opening activity lively and colorful, Lanzhi marketing team planned activities for Nanxiong exclusive store, and the headquarters staff personally guided the whole process, including the introduction of activity plan, store layout, activity publicity and promotion, sales script training, etc

real scene in the store

after months of market research, scheme planning, store design and activity arrangement by the headquarters, the hard decoration design and soft decoration of the store are built according to the latest standard image of the exclusive store. The careful layout makes the products truly restore the home scene, and the coordinated soft decoration collocation, echoing home colors, and shocking visual impact have opened the eyes of customers and intoxicated them

here, all colleagues at LANEIGE headquarters express their heartfelt congratulations and thanks to the grand opening of Nanxiong franchise store

I wish Nanxiong franchise store great success in opening, prosperous business, customers like clouds, and a wide range of financial resources

address of Nanxiong exclusive store: No. 73, shuinanmenqian garden, Xincheng, Nanxiong City, Guangdong Province.

Lanzhi curtain takes the pursuit of fashion, quality, health and personality as its development strategy, and has formed a large-scale, professional, branded and collectivized industrial chain supply mode. It is a competitive curtain enterprise in the field of high-end home furnishing and tooling accessories design in the industry

(image and text source: Matthews Lanzhi curtain, invasion and deletion)




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