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At 4:30 p.m. yesterday, in a building under construction on Qixing West Road, the scaffold suddenly broke, and a female dress repairman fell down, breaking his lumbar spine and breaking his toe

the location of the incident is located on the 11th floor of building 3 of the building. Lao Huang, the husband of the injured, said that he received the decoration project three days ago. These days, his wife and several other workers were puttying and painting the walls& ldquo; I was standing on the shelf, puttying the ceiling. I didn't move much, and the shelf suddenly broke& rdquo; Elder sister Chen recalled that the scaffold was about 4 meters high and 2 meters wide& ldquo; I felt that the shelf was not very stable, a little shaky, so I was very careful. I didn't expect to fall& rdquo; When she fell on the floor, she felt a special pain in her waist and couldn't move her feet

then, sister Chen was sent to Zhongshan Hospital by ambulance. After examination, the medical staff judged that elder sister Chen's lumbar spine was broken and her right foot was fractured, requiring surgery

Lao Huang said that the construction site did not send anyone to the hospital, and all the medical expenses were paid in advance

in the evening, the guide reporter found the site of the incident, and a person in charge said: “ She just fell off the shelf. It's no big deal& rdquo; As for other questions, the person in charge refused to answer





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