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The packaging industry should try every means to improve its status abroad. On the whole, the development path of the domestic packaging industry is very good. However, there are still some deficiencies in the technology of the industry, such as its overall level of modern industrialization is not high, its self-development ability is still weak, and there is still a big gap compared with other countries with high industrialization level. One of the main signs reflecting this gap is the difference in the current standard level of the whole industry - at present, the international standard rate of China's packaging standards is only about 50%, and the standard content is not reasonable and perfect; The standards are not coordinated and systematic enough; Heavy form and poor operability

the manufacturers of packaging machinery in China are uneven, which has a significant impact on the accuracy and quality of molds. There is a large gap between China and foreign countries, and the standardization level of China's packaging mold industry needs to be improved. Some analysts said that China's packaging mold industry has a large demand for talents, so it is necessary to speed up the mold product structure. 1. Before loading, it is necessary to check whether the loading handle is placed in the unloading position for adjustment. Therefore, the overseas market of China's packaging mold industry needs to be deepened. Insiders also disclosed that at present, China is planning to build a world packaging industry center, and build a world packaging headquarters, military civilian integration development, science and education research and development, trade and logistics, culture, encouraging the early elimination of old vehicles and other key bases, such as creativity, packaging equipment, new packaging materials, agricultural products processing and packaging; 18 key projects including worldpack Research Institute, worldpack University, high-end packaging products (such as wooden box packaging), advanced packaging equipment and new packaging materials have been implemented. Among them, the world packaging industry center led by the world packaging center group will jointly invest with private enterprises, foreign enterprises and state-owned enterprises to attract investment globally. It is estimated that the investment scale will exceed 120billion yuan. If China wants to become a real global packaging industry center in the future, it must promote green packaging. In addition, it also needs to improve China's voice and rule-making power in the world packaging industry

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