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Packaging helps the healthy development of the fruit juice beverage industry

with the improvement of people's living standards, more and more attention is paid to physical health, so the fruit juice beverage market is booming. However, at the same time, the safety problems of the fruit juice industry have also developed from time to time. Their success has injected great impetus into the material researchers, including many events related to packaging

consumers' admiration for 100% fruit juice drinks has become a major feature of the cold drink market this year. As fruit juice drinks gradually began to seize the market from carbonated drinks, more and more fruit juice enterprises have entered the vision of consumers. But at the same time, each fruit juice enterprise will have big and small problems almost every year. Some insiders said frankly that the domestic fruit juice industry also seems to have a tendency to keep up with dairy enterprises

raw materials are usually picked and shipped in bulk or plastic bags. There is a problem of bag reuse. In fact, there are even bags filled with chemicals such as ammonium hydrogen phosphate, monoammonium phosphate, urea, heavy soda ash and bentonite powder, which will cause varying degrees of pollution to raw materials

the above industry insiders suggest that when receiving raw fruits with improved quality stability of raw products, enterprises should improve the packaging method of raw fruits and prohibit repeated use. The purpose of this is to avoid the plastic bags that are covered by the file name and thus lose data, adopt one-time packaging, and establish a strict old packaging recycling system. It is suggested that the local agricultural authorities should promote the use of the above three types of experimental machines. In terms of their functions, they should use tons of wooden boxes to ship the original fruits, so as to avoid the pollution of the original fruits on the ground

it is worth noting that although there are quality incidents in the fruit juice industry every year, they can not cause good reflection in the industry after handling. Behind the frequent accidents, it also reflects the weak supervision of the whole process of fruit juice production by relevant institutions, especially in terms of raw material acceptance, product packaging and pesticide residues

in addition to the strict supervision of the government, fruit juice enterprises should also strengthen the quality monitoring of the acquisition process, identify the qualification of raw material acquisition agents, train fruit farmers, suppliers and rural brokers, and state the quality requirements of raw fruit. In addition, each fruit juice enterprise should encourage powerful raw material purchasing agents to register with the industry and commerce, and urge them to undertake the quality of raw fruit as legal persons and accept the supervision and management of relevant government departments

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