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Packaging green and organic is no longer far away. Move the forest home.

food is the priority of the people. Food safety is related to the well-being of thousands of families. From the tip of the hand to the tip of the tongue, food safety has become a common challenge facing the world. At this year's two sessions, from the appeal to improve the traceability system of food safety to the conclusion that food safety is controlled; It is not difficult to see that food safety is still the most concerned topic from the public opinion affecting the government's regulatory focus on food safety to the suggestion that food safety education should be introduced into primary and secondary schools

enterprise self-discipline is the hard truth

the solution to the food safety problem. Whether it is to fill the loopholes in the system supervision, or to awaken the conscience of the enterprise, it has been a long cry to solve the problem from all aspects, and is eager to implement it

in the government work report, Luhao, governor of Heilongjiang Province, proposed to develop and expand leading enterprises, vigorously promote Hessen and other famous brands in Heilongjiang Province, and continue to promote the construction of green food sales system in Heilongjiang Province. In this environment, during the R & D of electronic products, it was learned that Heilongjiang Hesen green food opened its flagship store in Beijing on March 18, following the opening of its flagship store in Shenzhen. According to the judgment of insiders, this undoubtedly injects a shot in the arm for food safety and provides consumers with a richer choice of safe food

it is understood that Heilongjiang Hesen food group, the parent company of Hesen food, highlights resource advantages, food safety, no pollution, original ecology and traceability. Among them, the product production process is subject to dynamic management, whole process monitoring, quality monitoring system and safety standard system are established, and strict, detailed and traceable records are kept in all links from raw material collection to production and processing, so as to realize the whole process food monitoring of Hessen series products from forest to table and ensure food quality and safety

transformation and layout of forest products

at present, all industries in the country are facing economic transformation. Since the implementation of the natural forest protection project on behalf of the country, forest workers who mainly cut down have turned their attention to the development of forest economy. In order to realize the brand effect, the General Administration of forest industry of Hei Ling award implemented the brand strategy for the products under the forest in due time. The forest industry system comprehensively carried out the strategic promotion of the three-year decisive battle of industrial transformation and development

according to the plan, Zhang Tu, deputy director of the multi economy bureau of Heilongjiang Forestry Industry General Administration and general manager of Hessen group, nearly 30 enterprises in Heilongjiang Forestry Industry system will enter Hessen system, and many manufacturers have guaranteed the production capacity of Hessen system. However, the following problem is how to build the enterprise's quality system and whether the key input of experimental parameters can ensure the standardization

in this regard, the prescription issued by Hessen is: the principle of six unification, that is, more than 300 products under Hessen are all unified in standard, production, publicity, price, packaging and identification. In terms of raw materials, we have our own production base. We sign orders with the original forest workers. They produce according to our requirements, including varieties, technologies, operation specifications, etc. the order production mode can control the quality and safety from the raw materials, so it can achieve high standards and traceability. Zhang Tu said

the product is the king to improve the channel

the recent opening of Hessen flagship store in Shenzhen ushered in a good start. As a part of national marketing, Hessen proposed to build flagship stores nationwide. In March, when everything is recovering, Hessen's flagship store in Beijing arrived as promised

Zhang Tu believes that opening flagship stores nationwide is a platform for displaying sales, attracting investment and franchising, and logistics distribution. At the same time, the flagship store is the core to develop franchising chains. After opening flagship stores in a province, several or even dozens of franchising chains will be developed in cities above the county level in the province. Attention should always be paid to external leakage, pollutants, damage to components and abnormal noise from pumps, couplings, etc, Build Hessen's sales network. In terms of traditional channels, Hessen also has complete offline sales channels through supermarkets, community stores, store in store and counters of large chain agencies

it has good compatibility with resin

in fact, it is understood that the Heisen multi-channel marketing system and the forestry bureau of Sanjiang forest region have set up 48 sales points, 180 stores within the province and 439 stores outside the province in more than a dozen provinces and cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Zhejiang and Jiangsu. In addition, the flagship of Hessen green food has been registered on tmall and, and the e-commerce network is also developing rapidly. Zhang Tu said that the previous development goals of Hessen group were to achieve 20billion yuan of forest industry green food sales in 2016, 30billion yuan in 2018 and 50billion yuan in 2021. Now, this goal may need to be further improved

it is reported that Heilongjiang Hesen food group was established in December, 2013. It is an independent legal entity with a registered capital of 50million yuan, which is jointly invested by Heilongjiang Provincial Forestry Industry Bureau and some forestry bureaus, operates independently, assumes sole responsibility for its own profits and losses, and develops itself. Now it has formed ten series of Hessen brand products, including edible fungi series, wild vegetables series, bee products series, wild nuts series, berries series, drinks series, health care products series, grain and oil series, wine series, characteristic breeding series, and more than 500 varieties. The products have obtained more than 30 certifications of organic food, green food and pollution-free food

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