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The packaging industry has accelerated the promotion of green and environment-friendly processes. In recent years, the national large packaging enterprises have gradually changed from enterprises with high pollution, high energy consumption and high emissions to healthy and environment-friendly green enterprises by developing circular economy, accelerating the pace of independent innovation, and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction

Guangdong Nine Dragons Paper Group Co., Ltd. is the largest enterprise in the production of packaging board in China. This year, it plans to produce 7.75 million tons and earn more than 1billion yuan in foreign exchange through export. The company always adheres to the idea that there is no paper making without environmental protection. Over the past few years, more than 1billion yuan has been invested in environmental protection and emission reduction. For the discharge of COD in sewage, the national standard is 100mg/L. Nine Dragons adopts Anaerobic + aerobic two-stage biochemical treatment technology. The COD discharge reaches below 80mg/L, and only 8 tons of water is used for each ton of paper. For the emission of sulfur dioxide from flue gas, the national emission standard is 400 mg/m3, while nine dragons achieved 200 mg/m3. At the same time, nine dragons' newly put into operation cogeneration power plant last year fully adopted the world's most advanced double desulfurization technology + circulating curing bed process, and the emission of sulfur dioxide reached below 70 mg/m3. They have also built the first waste incinerator in the domestic paper industry, basically realizing the independent treatment of all paper waste. Moreover, the steam generated by waste incinerators can also be used for papermaking, saving energy and recycling resources

Jiangsu dayake electronic universal testing machine and hydraulic universal testing machine are the two most popular technologies. This year, the group company focuses on the production of new-type wood-based panels, with an output of 1.8 million cubic meters. It is the largest forest industry enterprise in Asia. The company uses waste wood to manufacture medium density fiberboard, changing the traditional one-way wood consumption mode. In addition, the spilled oil in the aluminum foil workshop of the company was originally discharged naturally. Now, the company has invested in the establishment of a recovery device, saving 80% of the resources

Fujian Qingshan Paper Co., Ltd. has been persisting in creating a resource-saving enterprise in recent years. Last year, the old cement bags were recycled for pulping, saving 45000 cubic meters of wood annually, improving the alkali recovery rate, and reducing 360 tons of alkali purchased from outside; Mechanical treatment and reuse of the residue slurries and screening residues can recover 2400 tons of pulp and save 3500 tons of coal per year. We will carry out water use technological transformation to save 3.8 million tons of water and 3.75 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The company has invested nearly 100 million yuan in advanced equipment to save resources

compared with the previous sales status last year, Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd. formulated energy-saving plans, established assessment systems, and vigorously promoted energy conservation and emission reduction. The company's standard coal consumption per 10000 yuan output value decreased by 4.41%, the standard coal consumption per 10000 yuan added value decreased by 16.2%, and the standard coal consumption per ton of paper decreased by 1%. Power consumption per ton of pulp decreased by 51 kwh. The downturn in the private sector continues. Feng Group has taken hard measures to protect the environment. The comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste has reached 80% and the annual recycled water consumption is 7.61 million tons. Due to the energy conservation and emission reduction work in place, it has received an energy-saving subsidy of 200000 yuan from Zhejiang Province

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