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Packaging helps Nonni's expand in the biscuit industry

nonni s BISC. Therefore, the fatigue resistance of rubber damping products is closely related to their service life. Otti biscuits are the largest biscuits in the United States, and Nonni s Food Co., Ltd. has always been in a leading position. The biscuits produced by the company are popular with consumers. The formula is derived from the traditional family recipes, including eggs, butter and delicious bitter sweet chocolate, which can make the biscuits light in weight, sweet in taste and crisp in texture. This is the only national brand in the United States with customers all over the East and west coasts

in the past six months, the company has taken frequent actions to continuously launch new products and improve product packaging

- in September, 2013, the company added two new flavors to its popular thinaddictives product line. They were conveniently packed in six pre division departments, with 100 calories per box, meeting the healthy consumption demand of consumers for snacks

- in january2014, Nonni s introduced new packaging for its Biscotti grocery store, effectively reducing waste. The company removed the plastic trays from 85% of the cartons in the Biscotti grocery store, reducing the amount of packaging waste by as much as 17%

- this month (April 2014), the company updated the packaging of its popular Biscotti bites production line, making it more attractive to consumers

patricia bridges, brand sales manager of Nonni s food company, applied the design idea of packaging digest to the company's packaging strategy

what is the driving force behind the recent series of actions taken by Nonni s food company in the promotion of new products/new packaging

bridges: as a leader in the snack industry, China's plastic machinery enterprises will further open up the market. Nonni s food company is committed to innovation in popular flavors that can reflect the needs of consumers. Based on the development of innovative products (such as more environmentally friendly packaging and new products such as Nonni s Salted Caramel Biscotti and Nonni s thinaddictives), we are proud to meet the needs of customers. Both of these are successful cases of our perseverance and enterprising

in some cases, Nonni s innovated the product packaging in order to be consistent with the newly launched taste/product. What are the benefits of such a range of practices for retailers or consumers

bridges: this year, we introduced packaging with brighter colors and bolder designs for Biscotti and Biscotti bites product lines. The purpose of these innovations is not only to facilitate consumers to find their favorite and to some extent new Nonni s Biscotti flavor, but also to facilitate the differentiation of these products on store shelves. In addition, when introducing thinaddictives almond pancake production line, we focus on creating a distinctive brand packaging that can better reflect the attributes of excellent products, and will distinguish it in the biscuit production line of the biscuit channel

in the face of such a flood of baked goods market, what is the design trend of your company's packaging

bridges: when we constantly introduce new flavors to all production lines, bold colors and eye-catching words are the key to catch customers' attention and define the personality of Nonni s Biscotti brand

what changes have your company made to Biscotti bits to make it more attractive to customers

bridges: the new packaging of Biscotti bites products contains bright colors, larger fonts and enhanced graphics of the products, which can highlight Nonni s' commitment to real and high-quality raw materials. In terms of consumer use and store display, we have optimized the size and packaging design

how were the two previous packaging innovations accepted by the market

bridges: we constantly feed back and optimize our products according to the customer's problems that often appear in the design stage. New packaging is to respond to customer feedback and requirements for innovation. Overall, we believe that these two innovations have been widely accepted by consumers and retailers. In an effort to raise environmental awareness, we have removed plastic pallets from 85% of the packaging boxes in the Biscotti grocery store. Some customers worry that Biscotti will become smaller after removing the tray, which is not the case. Nonni s Biscotti is still the same size as before, and in order to maintain the freshness of the product, it is still packaged separately

it is called the industry "green card"

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