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The packaging industry is facing the impact of the third wave (I)


packaging is the main component of products. In the era of modern chasing this dream of rapid development of science, technology and economy, the functions, properties and functions of packaging have been fully and widely demonstrated. It is a sunrise industry with sustainable economic development

packaging is an industry that focuses on "protecting products, facilitating use, facilitating circulation and promoting sales", and has set specific functional requirements of "safety, health and environmental protection"

packaging is an important means to enhance the competitiveness of industrial and agricultural products and increase the added value of products

packaging is a barometer reflecting the level of urban economic development and a window for observing the overall level of the industry and the comprehensive purchasing power of the city

packaging is a comprehensive industry covering science and technology, economy, culture, market and life results expressed in pounds or kilograms

packaging is a supporting service industry integrating modern service industry and advanced manufacturing industry

just like William of the World Packaging Organization Mr. plaum said: the packaging industry is an extremely important sector of economic construction. Without it, it is impossible to achieve large-scale economic development in the economic society and thus improve the quality of life. After that,

I. the initial development and characteristics of China's packaging industry

(I) cooperation with scientists from the US Air Force Research Laboratory, and the initial development of China's packaging industry

the packaging industry is closely associated with industrial modernization. The late start of industrialization in China has restricted the development of packaging industry

In the late 1978, China implemented the policy of invigorating the domestic market and opening up to the outside world, implemented a planned commodity economy, and the packaging industry shouldered more than 80% of the packaging supporting tasks of industrial products; In export commodities, packaging accounts for 10 ~ 20% of the value of export commodities, and the packaging industry has begun to show vitality. According to the available data, from 1980 to 1982, the output value reached 7.2 billion yuan to 9.5 billion yuan respectively, which is the initial stage of China's packaging industry

(II). It took 20 years to complete the 40 year journey of developed countries. After 27 years of rapid development after reform and opening up, China's packaging industry has formed a comprehensive packaging industry system with certain modern equipment and complete categories. It took only more than 20 years to complete the 40 year development journey of developed countries. Basically, it has met the supporting needs of more than 500 billion yuan of total retail sales of domestic consumer goods and 600billion US dollars of export goods, and has become a new important growth point of the national economy and joined the ranks of the world's major packaging countries

it is estimated that the total output value in 2005 will be 390billion yuan. The proportion of the total output value of the packaging industry in the total output value of the whole society has risen from 0.4% in the early 1980s to 2.4% now. Among the 42 major industries in China's national economy, it has jumped from the penultimate in the early 1980s to the 14th now, becoming one of the major industries in China's economic development

(III). Shanghai's packaging industry continues to develop steadily. Originally, container manufacturing and packaging printing accounted for a large proportion of the production of Shanghai's packaging industry. With the rise of the packaging industry nationwide, the proportion of the total output value of Shanghai's packaging industry in the national total output value has gradually stabilized at 10~9%. With the construction of the four centers in Shanghai and the entry of domestic and foreign capital and technology, the packaging industry has the momentum of enriching and improving along the connotation

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