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The main reason for the humidity in the bathroom is that the ventilation is not well done, especially in the old house, many toilets have no windows. Such humidity has led to the falling off of the wall. So how to do a good ventilation in a limited range? In fact, it is very simple. Changing the integrated ceiling and installing the ventilation module in the bathroom can effectively solve the ventilation problem in the bathroom

next, let's take the aluminum gusset concealed bone ceiling as an example to talk about the installation method of the integrated ceiling in the bathroom

I. prepare raw materials for integrated ceiling

in order to facilitate the installation of new electrical modules, when selecting aluminum gusset ceiling, its size can generally be selected as 300mm× 300mm、600mm× There are two types of 600mm. In addition, relevant keel materials should be selected, i.e. triangular hangers made of galvanized steel plates, light steel keels and triangular keels, trimming strips, etc., which can be purchased in various decoration material markets

the price difference of aluminum gusset plate ceiling is large, and the low-end products are about 50 yuan/square meter, while the hardness of imported products is generally large, and the unit price may be about 300 yuan/square meter. Consumers can choose according to their own economic strength. Of course, some products are installed with quotation packages, and some are not. Consumers also need to distinguish and choose

II. Install integrated ceiling

1 First, draw a horizontal line at the place where the ceiling is to be installed and hang the light steel keel

2. Buckle the special triangle card code into the triangle keel and put it on the grid card according to the specifications of the installed square plate (the triangle keel only needs to be one-way, and it is not used horizontally)

3. After installing the keel, directly press the aluminum gusset ceiling into the triangular bone seam

tips: when installing aluminum gusset plate, pay attention to the direction of gusset plate folding with small holes should be inserted into the triangle bone seam, without holes, folding direction, a little pressure, can achieve a compact and seamless effect

4. Choose electrical modules

you can choose electrical modules arbitrarily according to the needs of different functional areas of the bathroom space and your preferences. The heating module can be installed above the bathing area, the ventilation module can be installed above the toilet, the lighting module can be installed in the center of the toilet, the spotlight module can be installed above the washbasin and dressing mirror, and MP3 audio module can also be installed for those who pay attention to style. In order to improve the cooling effect in summer, you can choose a high-power ventilation module

we learned from the decoration materials market that there are still many new products in the market with more complete functions, such as OPP company, which first launched Yuba products, and now the company has launched a new integrated module that can provide lighting, heating, air conditioning, ventilation and other functions at the same time. If this type of new product is installed, it can easily cool down even in the bathroom because of its air-conditioning function “ Summer ” Yes

it is worth noting that some non branded products are OEM products (stick their own brand logo on the products produced by other enterprises). In order to reduce costs, many electrical materials are from low-end manufacturers, so they often cannot adapt to the humid environment in the bathroom. Their safety, heating effect and service life are worrying. It is suggested that consumers should try not to buy cheap





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