150000 installed Shuian international 180 square m

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This case focuses on modern simplicity and combines practicality with simplicity. The 180 square meter flat storey house takes the simple and lively modern simple design style as the main tone, coupled with the retro design elements in it, and blends and combines with it, which fully meets the requirements of people who want to reflect a certain cultural taste when they want to decorate in a comfortable, practical and economical time. The designer interprets the concept of modern home decoration style with perceptual means by using the unity of capable line feeling and color system

decoration owner files: Decoration owner: post-80s little couple decoration company: (decoration bidding, decoration map) decoration style: modern simple decoration area: 180 square meters decoration cost: 100000 ~ 200000 decoration house type: 3 rooms and 2 halls

the large floor to ceiling windows seem to rob the rumored light of the ceiling, milk white curtains complement the ceiling gypsum board, while white sofas, desk lamps and carpets, It makes the whole space full of warm charm

from this angle of the living room, you can clearly see the stability and permeability brought by the partition. The proper floral arrangement makes the 100 page partition no longer lonely

it is still the living room, but from this perspective, we can see the mystery of the TV background wall. Originally, the mobile sliding door was used to hide the TV cabinet in the partition. When you don't watch it at ordinary times, it is the partition. When you watch it, the infinite space inside is completely displayed in front of you

finally, a panoramic view of the living room. Large French windows separate the two different worlds indoors and outdoors. The indoor color is warm and sweet, and the outdoor is bright and fresh

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